EQUA Indices

 Air quality (Aq) – Rates emissions of NOx, which is harmful to human health, particularly lungs.

Carbon monoxide (CO) – Rates levels of CO, which is potentially fatal to humans as well as damaging to the environment.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) – Rates CO2, the most high-profile greenhouse gas and on which some vehicle taxes are based.

Fuel economy (Mpg)  – Evaluates fuel efficiency in miles per gallon on the Emissions Analytics cycle.

Fuel consumption (Fc)  – Evaluates fuel efficiency in litres per 100km on the Emissions Analytics cycle.

EQUA Index

With ratings openly published and freely available to all, including vehicle manufacturers and consumers, the EQUA Index is an on-going programme to provide easy to understand vehicle ratings for fuel economy and emissions.

Developed by Emissions Analytics, the world’s leading independent provider of real-world emissions measurement, the EQUA Index allows manufacturers to demonstrate their vehicles’ clean credentials and efficiency, and allows consumers to make good purchasing decisions based on real-world performance.

EQUA Index ratings

The EQUA Index awards each vehicle tested with ratings based on its real-world performance on a range of emissions. For instance, an A-rating for air quality means the vehicle emits within the regulated limit for NOx, even in real-world driving.

Even where the regulations specify different limits dependent on fuel type, such as for nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, the EQUA Index rating is universal, allowing easy comparison between vehicles.  In other words, the EQUA Index does not incorporate any technology or fuel bias in its ratings, so can be used to make an informed choice when buying a new car.

Test cycle

The vehicles tested by Emissions Analytics are all run on a standard, real-world test cycle. This includes multiple repeats of rural, urban and extra-urban roads. The tests are conducted by a small team of highly trained technicians and the vehicle and testing equipment is carefully prepared according to a strict protocol.

The Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) used to record tailpipe emissions offers a high level of precision and repeatability.

Media or manufacturer enquiries

The EQUA Index is available for reproduction by the media and vehicle manufacturers.

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