Who is Emissions Analytics

Emissions Analytics was formed to overcome the challenge of finding accurate fuel consumption and emissions figures for road vehicles.

It is widely recognised that most drivers struggle to get close to the official fuel consumption figures. Furthermore, readings from a car’s onboard computer do not reflect what comes out of the tailpipe. And yet, all fuel reduction and emissions management tools currently on the market are based on manufacturers’ figures or ECU readings.

As well as supplying real-world mpg data, the business has grown to offer testing for the full range of exhaust gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect, reduce air quality and damage human health and the environment. They have also expanded in to Los Angeles, California..

Who is Emissions Analytics

Eric Verdon-Roe, Chairman

Having graduated from Oxford Eric Verdon-Roe started work at Haymarket Media Group in 1976, working his way up to take responsibility for the consumer division in 1990 and before becoming group managing director in 2000.

He was deeply involved in the creation of Haymarket’s motoring group, now the largest automotive publishing entity in the UK. He left in 2009 and spent time running Chelsea AutoLegends at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Nick Molden, Founder & CEO

Oxford graduate Nick Molden has more than fifteen years experience in the information sector. He is the founder and managing director of Oxford Indices a next generation analytics service working in the media, automotive and technical sectors. He specialises in advanced modelling techniques to help businesses extract profit from data

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Jane Thomas, Global Sales Manager

Jane manages the day to day running of Emissions Analytics, looking after new and existing clients. Her sales and marketing background is employed to generate new business and increase awareness of the Emissions Analytics brand with automotive industry leaders. She has worked with Nick Molden since 2006 helping to deliver a number of high profile projects for the corporate and not-for-profit sectors

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Who is Emissions Analytics

James Holland, Chief Technology Officer

Since graduating from Oxford, James Holland has specialised in designing and building complex software systems. James has expertise in low-level networking, real-time transaction processing, and analysis of very large datasets.

Prior to Emissions Analytics, James was the Lead Data Architect at The Retail Equation and was responsible for the development of a fraud tracking service for the retail industry.

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Aidan Revie, Business Development Director

Having worked in sales for over 13 years, Aidan is responsible for the delivery of Emissions Analytics' business development strategy. He also co-ordinates the work of the sales teams based both domestically and around the world. Aidan prides himself on taking a consultative approach which leads to the creation of vanilla fit solutions for a wide variety of client requirements. Prior to joining the company Aidan has been part of successful emissions related projects in Europe, Russia, China, India and the USA.

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Ian Havard, US Business Development

Ian is based in Newport Beach California and looks after business development for the USA. His background is in magazine and website publishing having spent most of his 23 year career working for Haymarket Media Group on Automotive and Motorsport titles. In 2001 he moved to California where he was President of their West Coast operations. At Emissions Analytics his role is to generate business and oversee existing clients

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Dr. Nicolas Bogs, New Business Development, Europe

Nic is based in Hamburg, Germany and looks after our new business activities in Germany and continental Europe. He spent most of his professional life working for major media groups - nationally and internationally. One of his projects was to launch and develop the German operation of the British Haymarket Media Group; he was on the company's group board and its German CEO for over a decade.

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Sam Boyle, Global Operations Director

Sam has spent most of his working life in the motorsport sector, as technician, mechanic and team manager before becoming the director of Marc Goosens Motor Sport in Belgium in 2001. At Emissions Analytics he is responsible for all road testing vehicles and his impeccable attention to detail makes sure this is done to the highest standard

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Stephen Hayton, Head of Testing, UK

Stephen has a passion for Automotive Technology and is also a fully qualified journalist after graduating from Kingston University with an MA in journalism. He has already been involved with a number of different projects including work with Chargemaster Plc and POLAR.

He works on gathering the ongoing results for True MPG and also co-ordinates our online and social media presence

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Chris Conway, Technician

Prior to working for Emissions Analytics, Chris was working for Euro Car Parts, as well as running his own business buying, repairing and selling cars. He is a keen car enthusiast and has owned a variety of vehicles from a VW Mark One Caddy to a supercharged Vento.

 Chris brings to the team his mechanical experience, a passion for all road vehicles and an enthusiasm to develop his emissions knowledge. 

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Jesus Flores, Technician

Born and raised  in California with a lifelong passion for cars, Jesus attended East Los Angeles College where he studied automotive technology. After 10 years working for Mitsubishi Motors he has decided to join the Emissions Analytics team and expand his knowledge of emissions testing.

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Femi Idowu, Technician

Growing up with an ardent love for automobiles, Femi studied Automobile Engineering at the Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria. This led to a job with the Nigerian Motor Industry (NMI) as a Mechanical Workshop Manager and then, in the UK, at Mouchel as Civil Enforcement Officer. Femi enjoys working on road vehicles and is excited about increasing his emissions knowledge working with Emissions Analytics. 

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Adam Sawford, Technician

Adam has brought to Emissions Analytics an extensive background in IT and uses this knowledge to maintain and fix faults with the Portable Emissions Measurement System. He has a keen eye for detail and a determination to provide accurate and reliable data for clients. His lateral thinking skills make him a good problem solver which has been brought to bear on the range of vehicles he has tested including HGVs, buses, tractors and passenger cars.

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