Emissions Analytics is the unrivalled expert in the use of Portable Emissions
Measurements Systems (PEMS)
and the interpretation and analysis of real-world data.


Offering a bespoke testing service for customers wishing to understand on-the-road performance of their technology, Emissions Analytics has tested cars, commercial vehicles, buses, taxis, tractors and generators


Subscriptions are available for the ever increasing database of passenger car tests conducted by Emissions Analytics, providing details of CO2, NOx and MPG, as well as CO, NO, NO2 and fNO2 for benchmarking, R&D, and policy decisions.

EQUA Index

Emissions Analytics is the publisher of the EQUA Index, putting independent fuel consumption and emissions data into the hands of the consumer. Real-world data is translated into an easy to understand rating for comparison between different vehicles


Stokenchurch, UK

Stuttgart, Germany

Los Angeles, USA


We provided some shocking real-world data on Fiat vehicles to @thesundaytimes at the weekend https://t.co/wjObNGlDu1 @Jonathan__Leake

A round-up of the latest emissions testing tactics under investigation, from @GreenCarReports https://t.co/ZcyGLsH7Lk

Wondering about the emissions coming out of this @PowerElectrics gennie outside my house! https://t.co/7aP0AoZBV7

Brimmed the Ford with fuel to crunch the numbers... I averaged 55mpg. Worse than Ford claims (74.3mpg) but better… https://t.co/g5gzkLrW0I

NOx emissions from heavy-duty and light-duty diesel vehicles in the EU: A new report from the ICCT. https://t.co/W1KAJjBnvs

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