Case Studies

Emissions Analytics’ expertise in using PEMS equipment is second to none. Our highly skilled technicians can apply the experience gained over a number of years to a wide range of testing demands including buses, HGVs, tractors, taxis, fuels, additives, tyres and retrofit systems. In addition, Emissions Analytics works with a number of academic institutions providing data and analytical skills to further research and understanding of urban air pollution, traffic modelling, the construction industry and more. Read more in the case studies below.

Traffic Simulation Model

Imperial College London conducted research into the emissions factors used to model transport derived NOx emission

Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Academic researchers conducted field trials to determine whether EU-standard fuel to CO2 conversion factors were accurate.

Testing Premium Fuel

Tesco Petrol Filling Stations asked us to test Momentum 99 to independently verify their claims of improved performance

Analysing Duel-Fuel Trucks

Diesel HGVs were compared with diesel/CNG vehicles in a three year study.

Gatwick Airport Review

Emissions Analytics contributed to a review of Defra’s Air Quality Plan on behalf of Gatwick Airport.

Construction equipment testing in London

Working with King’s College London to develop an emissions inventory for the construction industry

Emissions Analytics